My name is Yvonne de Blécourt, I am 39 years old and married to Louis (who I always call Lo). Together we have a 6 year old son named Daniel and a big sweet dog named Bob. We live in a small village in the Betuwe (the Netherlands). From my 18th birthday I have been working in healthcare, as a nurse, ambulance driver, in recent years as a medical dispatcher and now working full-time as a healthy living coach.

For years I have had intestinal challenges; pain, a bloated stomach, intestines that did nothing for days or those same intestines that were working overtime so that I hardly got off the toilet and those are just a few of the challenges that come to mind now.

At the time I was told by doctors that I have irritable bowel syndrome (yes, I indeed had all those pleasant examinations) and the final conclusion of the doctors was that I had to learn to live with the complaints. Medication from the doctors and the healthy diet that I already had according to those same doctors did not help. That’s why I started looking further, because “learning to live with it” was not an option in my opinion. Through detours I found out that I am hypersensitive to cow’s milk and refined sugars. I then decided to remove these things from my diet and many challenges appeared to disappear quite quickly. This immediately cought my interest in nutrition.

More and more I immersed myself in healthy food and I noticed that I started to feel better and at the same time I also felt / knew that I was missing something. The more I researched that missing piece, the more I found it to be a “way of life” that I was looking for. I had to have that healthy lifestyle, but what was that ?!

Healthy living is not only healthy food. It is healthy food, exercise, mindset, household, finances, family, meal planning, meal prep, leisure activities and much more. Healthy living is genuinely everything, it is a lifestyle. In our case, this is aimed at a plant-based lifestyle, for our health, for the well-being of the animal and our beautiful planet.

As a healthy living coach I want to help you find this great lifestyle and I therefore offer you personal guidance completely tailored.

I am going to help you find your “healthy life” and let you experience how much happiness, balance and peace you can get when you have found that healthy lifestyle.