Less waste- part 2 body lotion and body soap

If we started in the bathroom, with the shampoo and conditioner, we might as well continue there!

In the first part of this series I already told you about that great package that I got from happy soaps, which included that conditioner bar.

That package also included a body lotion bar! Called “sweet sandalwood”. A very warm and full scent.

I’ve been using this bar for a few weeks now and I have to say that I really like it in principle. It moisturizes the skin very well, it just takes a while before the product is absorbed, but maybe that’s just me and I should just use less product haha.

As I write this post it is summer and the expectation is that today, where I live, it will be 38 degrees (for the people who read this and do not live in the Netherlands; that is unusually warm in our country!). The scent of the body lotion bar is, in my opinion, not quite suitable for the hot summer days, it has a very full and warm scent, which is normally delicious (scent is also really great!) but it gives me a real autumn and winter feeling. I’m going to finish this one, because it’s a very nice product and I think it’s a waste of money to buy a new one for now, but that’s something I want to pay attention to in the different seasons. A scent that fits the season, so that I can enjoy it even more.

Last week I went to a restaurant with 2 ladies, Villa Augustus (recommended!), and when you enter there you first enter a super cute shop, where you can buy a lot of different things. Fruit and vegetables, bread, books, crockery, wine and much more. But what did I see lying there! A body soap bar!

This time from the brand “nature bar” a company that is located in Amsterdam. I must confess that I had never heard of this company before, but when I smelled the smell of this body soap bar (they had more types available), it had to go straight into my basket haha

“Orange with calendula”! What a great warm, yet fresh scent! I’m completely sold!

When I did some research on this company I read on their website that every soap from this brand (nature bar) has a base of a “rescued product”. These are natural products that can still perfectly be given a second life. And guess what, for this particular body soap bar, the orange peels from a local supermarket were used! The orange peels are first washed, then dried and ground into powder. What a great idea!

In the previous post I already mentioned that I would like to try to invest my money more and more in companies that try to bring a positive impact and that I would gladly advise you to do the same!

In this case, both products are also made close to home, given the fact that they are Dutch companies, something I really like.

Do you already use a body lotion and body soap bar? If so, where do you get them and how do you like them?

I hope you will follow me on my waste less creation journey! Every other week a new part is released, in which I will take you into my discoveries and changes.

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