Less waste- part 3 deodorant

The search for a good deodorant was incredibly irritating. After I don’t know how long I finally came across a nice deodorant, a deodorant from Sanex (Sanex Dermo Extra control). A deodorant that both me and my partner liked, which we have used for many years.

When we started going vegan 4 years ago, we went looking for a deodorant that matched that way of life and tried several in it, which actually didn’t come close to our favorite at the time.

The urge to create less waste only started a year ago. So the whole search started again! Now a vegan deodorant and also in sustainable packaging.

When I started my journey for less waste, this one was the most dreaded, because are we going to find a deodorant that is just as nice as the one we’ve used for years?!

The Happy Earth deodorant was once on sale at a well-known drugstore (in the Netherlands), so we wanted to give it a try.

We started using the Happy Earth pure deodorant Crystal Unscented, an odorless and hypoallergenic deodorant. A pure alum stone with a packaging made of cork – a 100% natural, sustainable and zero waste packaging: plastic-free and biodegradable.

Moisten the stick and then apply it to the skin. I think both me and my partner were a bit skeptical…

But, we were pleasantly surprised!

I must confess that the first few times the stick felt a bit weird to use, but I think this went away after a few days (day or 3 I think).

The deodorant is odorless, but that is something we really like. If you are used to a deodorant with scents, this might take some getting used to.

And what is extra nice is that this deodorant does not leave annoying stripes on clothing!

Now we have made the “mistake” of putting the cap back on immediately after use, so that the deodorant stick is now loose in its packaging (can still be used, but a bit more inconvenient), so for next time … after use don’t put the cap back on immediately, so that the stick can dry first. This may make it a bit more inconvenient to use, but given the fact that the deodorant works the entire day in my opinion (and I haven’t received any comments from other people yet :P) I don’t take the deodorant with me in my bag; but I can imagine that if people do want to take the deodorant with them, they see this as inconvenient.

We have been using the deodorant for almost 1 year now and are still very happy with it!

Which sustainable deodorant do you use?

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