Less waste- part 3 toothpaste and toothbrush

Toothpaste tabs..

I must confess that I was very skeptical beforehand! Chew on a tablet, then foam is released and you brush your teeth with that? I do not know…

I ordered them from happy soaps, because I’ve had good experiences with them so far (but you can buy tabs through multiple companies!).

Arrived in a packaging without plastic and as she sees in the photo it looked neat and tidy.

Daniel, our son, found it very interesting and immediately wanted to brush his teeth, which of course we both did, because I must confess that I was very curious myself.

The first few times I had to get used to it and I even had to say to myself, but especially our son “chew and don’t swallow” hahah

We have been using the tabs for about 3 months now and are very satisfied! My teeth feel clean and I have been to the dentist fairly recently and have not heard any comments or remarks.

We keep them in a glass jar and that seems to work just fine.

The toothbrush, on the other hand, is a completely different story! I find that a difficult one for now!

We use an electric toothbrush, whereby the attachments are naturally disposed of every few months.

Well, we had a wonderful holiday to Italy and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test a bamboo toothbrush (not electric, but just an old-school toothbrush).

I think we are so used to electric brushing that a regular toothbrush, in our case, no longer feels comfortable and does not seem to do its job sufficiently.

When we run out of our “normal” attachments, I want to see if I can find attachments made of a more durable material!

For those who use electric brushes and have found a durable option for the brush heads; I like to hear from you!

So the search for the toothbrush continues a little further, to be continued…

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