Less waste- part 1 shampoo and conditioner

The bottom of the bottles was in sight! I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days, so it took me a while to get those bottles empty.

The time had finally come, it was time to switch to a shampoo and conditioner bar!

I’ve wanted to get rid of plastic shampoo bottles for a while, as my goal is to create less plastic waste (well, less waste in general anyway!), but when I did some more research and read that in a bottle of shampoo only 20% active ingredient and the rest (i.e. 80%!!) is water, the choice was made quickly and easily.


I knew there was a lot of water in such a bottle, but to be honest I didn’t know it was that much.

I also found out that one such bar is equal to 3 bottles, so that is also a nice addition.

Okay, on the internet! Where do I order? What am I going to order? So many companies, so many products.

Meanwhile I saw on instagram that happy soaps was going to start in March with a March environmental challenge and I was lucky enough to win one of their prizes at the end of the month, including a conditioner bar (and a shaving and body lotion bar; but in that another part more about it!)

The Aloe vera conditioner bar. It smells unbelievably good!

The products were very neatly packed, they smelled delicious and I didn’t see any plastic, so the choice to order the shampoo bar from them was quickly made.

No shortage of choice! I went for a shampoo bar that the whole family can use; for everyday use and normal hair.

The “in need of vitamin sea” shampoo bar. And yes, this one smells fantastic too! If I’m honest, maybe even better than the Aloe vera conditioner bar.

And let’s just hope that the products go well…

I have been using the bars for almost 2 months now and have to say I am pleasantly surprised!

I really enjoy using the shampoo bar. The conditioner bar seems to be a bit harder and I have the idea that I barely get any product off, but I must say that after drying my hair, my hair has no tangles! So maybe I’ve just always used way too much product and is this normal?? Plus my hair feels very soft and looks healthy, which will be a good sign, so all in all a happy user!

I keep the bars outside the shower cubicle as I understand that’s better for the duration of the bars. For the time being, I keep them in my shower furniture in trays that I still had lying around.

How do you store your shampoo and conditioner bar?

There are of course many more companies where you can order bars like this, so this post is definitely not sponsored (but I’d love to hear happy soaps if you want to :P!

I myself want to try to invest my money more and more in companies that try to bring a positive impact and I would gladly advise you to do the same! In addition, it is also made close to home, given the fact that it is a Dutch company, which is a big plus for me.

Do you already use a shampoo and conditioner bar? If so, where do you get them and how do you like them?

I hope you will follow me on my waste less creation journey! Every other week a new part is released, in which I will take you into my discoveries and changes.

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