Review Klaeny- Sustainable cleaning

The nice weather is coming and it always tickles for me to clean the house from head to toe, but have you ever noticed how much plastic you actually use and how many chemicals there are in those cleaning products ?!

Plastic, plastic and more plastic, you see plastic everywhere, everything is packed in plastic. And the problem with that plastic is that it is almost not digested and only a small part is recycled, so most of the plastic remains on our planet and in our oceans.

Fortunately, there is more and more awareness of this growing problem.

In my search for sustainable cleaning products I came across Klaeny. No more disposable bottles, no more environmentally harmful materials, but refillable bottles and those bottles are also made from 100% recycled plastic and a cleaning agent that is made as environmentally friendly as possible. In addition, together with The Eden Reforestation Project Organization,, they plant a tree for every online order! How cool is that!

Klaeny gave me the opportunity to test some of their products and received their Starter Set!

The Starter Set contains the following products:
– Klaeny All-purpose cleaner (1 bottle with 2 tabs)
– Klaeny Bathroom cleaner (1 bottle with 2 tabs)
– Klaeny Glass cleaner (1 bottle with 2 tabs)

How does it work?!

Fill the bottles with tap water and add the appropriate Klaentab. Make sure that you do not let the tab slide in, but just push it in, this ensures that the tab dissolves properly and completely.

When the tab is completely dissolved, do not turn the cap on immediately but leave it for a while, to prevent overpressure in the bottles, which can cause leakage (something that happened to me the 1st time, of course, haha ​:P)

… The cleaning can begin!

My experience?

I think it is ideal that your cleaning agent is ready for immediate use; no more preparation but just be able to start immediately.

I am also surprised about the quality of the product;
The bottles and the spraying system look very sturdy, are of good quality and there is no fuss, it looks wonderfully clean.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the cleaning product itself and I have to say; they do not disappoint! No overpowering scent, but a pleasant fresh scent and cleaning agent that simply does its job well. I was so satisfied that I ordered a number of their products (washing up liquid, hand soap, detergent and dishwasher tablets) myself. Says enough right ??!

And what a nice idea that this way of cleaning no longer creates plastic waste! Is the bottle empty? Then you just refill it with water from your own tap and put a new kitchen tab in it!

30% discount on sustainable cleaning with Klaeny!

Klaeny was so nice to give me a discount code that I can share with you so that you get a 30% discount on all their products !! I will definitely be using it😀

Discount code: thepurplelife30

Klaeny’s website:

I dare you! Take a look at the amount of plastic you throw away every week and see how you can possibly change it in a much easier way… every step is one!

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