Berry smoothie (no banana!)

Although I find bananas incredibly delicious and I usually put at least 2 or 3 in a smoothie, I also know that there are many people who do not like banana very much.

So for these people (and apparently also for myself, because this smoothie is really delicious!!!) a smoothie that doesn’t contain a banana!

For 1 person;

250 ml orange juice
250 gr (frozen) forest fruits
Handful of spinach
1 apple
½ avocado
1 tbsp linseed

Optional; vegan vanilla protein powder
Optional; some extra water

Put all ingredients in a (high speed) blender and then let it run until you have a creamy smooth milkshake smoothie.

Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!

Bon appetit!

If you’ve tried this recipe, leave a comment below and/or tag me on your social media (@thepurplelife).

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